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NORTHEAST STEN Mk. 2, GBB, Skeleton Stock, BSA

NORTHEAST STEN Mk. 2, GBB, Skeleton Stock, BSA

2024 New Version Upgarded:
1. Relocate the firing pin base to extend the maintenance cycle.

2. Redesign the magazine's output seal to improve air sealing.

3. Introduce a new nozzle design for an extended maintenance cycle.

4. Replace with a CO2 nozzle in preparation for the CO2 magazine.

5. The method of securing the gas tank endplate in the magazine has been improved, making it easier to fasten the endplate of the gas tank.



  • Name: STEN Mk. 2, GBB, Skeleton Stock, BSA
  • SKU: NE-SMG-10
  • Length: 760mm
  • Weight: 3,220g
  • Magazine Capacity: 32 rounds of 6mm BB
  • Fire Model: Semi and Fully automatic


  • NE-SMG-10
  • GBB Replica / STEN Machine Carbine GBB Replica
  • Weight 3.22 kg 
  • MATERIAL:Steel, Aluminium and Plastic
  • COLOUR:Parkerized
  • UNIT:pcs


Northeast Airsoft is committed to making authentic airsoft guns with high performance, suitable for skirmishing. However, the accuracy of our previous models of STEN GBBs had room for enhancement, and after much testing and development, we have finally improved it!

These updates will be applied to the next and FINAL production run of our STEN Mk.2 GBB guns and our upcoming new products range. We will also release kits (consisting of a new nozzle, new hop up chamber and new hop up packing/bucking) for users who own previous STEN GBB models soon, so they can bring the accuracy of their beloved STENs up to this new standard.

This final batch of STEN Mk.2 GBBs will consist of 2 different models, assembled with T-stocks and skeleton stocks. Both models will feature BSA assembly markings, Mk.5 cocking handles, and manganese phosphate surface-processing.


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